Travel Ireland for $50 A Day! | Most Fun History Facts of Ireland
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Travel Ireland for $50 A Day!

19:04 17 May in Travel

Yes, you heard me right! If you’ve always wanted to travel to Ireland, see the rolling green hills, tour an Irish castle or enjoy the music of an Irish pub that the dream is closer than you think.

But I’m not rich, you say? You don’t have to be. I’m going to show you how to travel Ireland on less than it costs to go out to dinner and a movie. 

To begin with, I’ve researched one day in Dublin, including 3 meals, a friendly place to sleep for the night and even take in some sightseeing, all for less than $50 a day!

A hostel will run you about $12 to $18 a night for a single person in a room sharing. For more private accommodation $15 to $35. Pretty cheap huh? Even the lowest grade hotels in the U.S are not this cheap. Travel to Ireland instead.

The Kilkenny Cafe and Restaurant in Dublin serves a good place to have breakfast when you travel through Dublin. Trip adviser gives this rave reviews Comments like Amazing breakfast, cozy atmosphere, and good value for a good price. Breakfast is about $6.00. There is a nice view of Trinity College and the scones are fresh and home made.

The first stop of your Irish travel vacation is National Gallery of Ireland. This museum, which is filled with priceless works of art and paintings is amazing. You can easily spend a few hours in here and its completely Free..

Also Free are National Museum of Ireland, Dublin Writer’s Museum, and Dublin Castle.

Next on the list is lunch at Soup Dragon Restaurant on 168 Capel St. Dublin 1. Everything is made fresh and they are famous for their deserts. Soup and bread $5 – $8!! for one.

Stroll along one of Dublin’s beaches. Best for walks and views are Tower Bay Beach, Portrane, and Balcarrick Beach. If you forgot lunch or wanted to save even more money, perhaps bring some crackers, cheese, and fruit with bottled water in your backpack. There is a farmers markets one of the Dublin back streets closed off just for this reason (ask a local which street) In 2012, I purchased a whole bag of oranges that I feasted on all week. Scones are also great to take along for munchies.

Last meal of the day is at The Lotts Cafe Bar where they have an Early Bird Special for $13.95 from 2-6:30 Mon. thru Thursday. Your choices include fish and chips as well as other dishes plus soup or dessert and coffee or tea at no added cost. Here is the link. to the menu.

So how much money did we spend?

Breakfast $6

Free Sight seeing.

Lunch $8

Trinity College Tour $10

Dinner at Lotts Cafe Bar  Early Bird Special $13.95

Total: $50