The Easter Rebellion 10 Fun Quotes | Most Fun History Facts of Ireland
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The Easter Rebellion 10 Fun Quotes

14:34 23 November in Easter Rebellion, Irish History

10 Fun Quotes from The Easter Rebellion

Part 2

Inside the GPO by Joe Good is both a personal and fun read. It actually reads like a novel so if you want something historical that is both accurate and enjoyable continue reading for some Excerpts from the book………….

Most of my blog posts come from published and well researched sources.

This newspaper actually was printed after the rebellion, July 1920 but shows just how desperate the times were. Shocking to my American ears that the police had permission to shoot at civilians for anything at all.

6. So back at Frongoch Prision with the inmates of the Irish Rebellion Michael Collins with his cocky Anglo-Irish attitude is conversing with a British sergeant who asks him….

What has you here, Collins?”

To which Mick replies, “England’s difficulty.”

“What the hell’s that?”

Always sarcastic Mick says, “Well, England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity.”

A young rebel overhears and later asks Michael Collins, “I wonder will they try and force us into the British army?”

Joe Good shouts, “They wouldn’t touch us with a forty foot pole!”

The sergeant shouts, “Shut your bloody mouth,” but Mick squeezed Joe’s knee delightedly.

7. After the rebellion, the rebels were rounded up.

“Ah now there are Daly’s men,” someone said.

They came with cigars and cigarettes alight.

“Stop that smoking!” someone shouted.

Most continued smoking.

Then came an order in an unmistakable Etonian accent. Some wag in the Daly ranks repeated the order – and – accent – with perfect cadence, and this was followed with peals of laughter.

The bayonet on Joe Good’s back suppressed his inclination to laugh. Even when they deposited their arms they continued to smoke. At this stage, the Volunteers would only take orders from their own officers.

Its amazing to me how little ammunition –  with some actually hand-made – maintained a national revolt against England! All guns and ammunition had to be smuggled into the country!

After the surrender, the British were surprised and disgusted at the crudity of arms rebels had been using against them.

8. “Look at this that you fired! A British soldier stuck a rifle under the nose of a youthful Volunteer. It was a Howth rifle. Wedged in the cartridge case with paper was a bullet big enough to kill an elephant. “A bloody dum-dum!” said the outraged sergeant.

The sobbing boy replied, “Well, you wouldn’t let us get the right stuff!” Some of the Volunteers laughed aloud.

9. General W.H.M Lowe of the British army asked Joe Good his name.

He answered rather flippantly, “Good.” and then added. “G-O-O-D!”

“Come on,” said Lowe. “You aren’t dead yet.”

“Bloody far, I’m not,” said Joe.

Lowe then tried to strike Joe across the legs with his riding-cane but Joe jumped in the air, missing the cane; where upon there was a scream of inane laughter from some British officers who were standing at the entrance to the Gresham Hotel.

Later in history, It was said Lowe was caught napping by the Germans and was shot in his pajamas.

I leave you with #10 open. I welcome comments aobut another funny story from the Easter Rising of 1916?