The Best Cities for Entertainment in Ireland
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The Best Cities for Entertainment in Ireland

Mostly of Celtic origin, although there were already peoples before the arrival of this group from Central Europe. This culture has its specific language, the Gaelic, as well as varied traditions that have been perpetuated in the local, rooted folklore.

To get the idea of choosing a favorite city in Ireland, first you have to know the day to day, the traditions and culture of each of them and thus be able to fall in love with all the law of some part of Ireland, although it is impossible for many since the whole island is lovely. Among the most visited Irish cities are:

  1. Dublin

Of course, the capital must be number one of the most visited Irish towns, where all types of activities are carried out, ranging from social, legal to recreational. Here you can find the perfect balance between the history of the entire country and personalities known as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, among others. The nightlife of the bars is unparalleled in the Irish capital, and the streets of Temple Bar describe live and direct the nights that are lived in the city, in addition to its typical Irish Coffee that is served at all hours in the many pubs. In Dublin, any day is good for partying. Something that is especially striking is how arranged you saw people any day of the week, especially the girls. Contrary to what happens in Spain, lousy weather and high-heeled sandals are not mutually exclusive.

How is the night in Dublin?

If you want to be part of the local nightlife, you should put aside the habit of leaving late. The usual thing is to have dinner soon, around 8:00 p.m., and to start drinking pints in the pubs of Temple Bar a little later. You can choose to end the night in a pub (many open until 2:00) or go to one of the countless clubs (clubs) in Dublin. These premises close at 3:00. Although there are many of them, some of the clubs we could recommend are Club M and The Palace, both located in the Temple Bar area.

Entry requirements

The minimum age to access certain premises is 20 or 21 years. Since 2004, in Ireland, smoking is prohibited in all public places. As a curiosity, it is interesting to know that, like in London or New York, in Dublin, it seems that the locals keep a long line of entry to show their success. This queue does not mean that the club is full.

  1. Belfast

In Northern Ireland the capital is Belfast, and it is in British territory, in this case, the city is better known by the shipbuilding industry, perhaps you have already heard the famous Titanic. Right! The sector of Belfast were the ones who built the Titanic. What better reason than that to visit the city and relive history? Also, they offer different cultural events a year that leave both locals and foreigners in love with the site.

  1. Cork

This city is better known as “Rebel City” or the rebellious city, this is because most of the atmosphere it offers is surrounded by university students, modern culture and young people everywhere fill the town with life and energy. It is also the capital of civilization since 2005, where you can discover and appreciate hundreds of events, works, artists, etc.

  1. Galway

Although it is the smallest city of all mentioned, this beautiful city leaves its mark on each visit as it offers an artistic and musical atmosphere to all who come to visit it.

  1. Doolin

The capital of music, here if you are a musician you will fall in love with the ease of this beautiful city, it also has unique artistic attractions and Irish music is necessarily perceived much better in Doolin. After discovering the aspects of each of these cities, if you still do not know how to decide for your favorite city in Ireland, it is difficult since they are all wonderful. Beautiful Ireland is better known as the Emerald Island for its locals and foreigners who have fallen in love with it. You can get to show off the variety of shades of green that it offers to all its viewers, it has more than 40 shades of this beautiful color of nature, around 1500 km of coastline and a culture full of myths and legends that They have gone around the world.