Most Visited Attractions and Sites in Ireland
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Most Visited Attractions and Sites in Ireland

The Landscapes

Green, that’s the color of Irish landscapes. Called “Erin Green,” the Republic of Ireland offers dense and wild vegetation. The grasslands cover 68% of the territory throughout the year. The black and red of the peat bogs add to the green of the meadows.

  • The Meadows and Lakes of the Center
  • Connemara
  • The Mountains of Donegal
  • The Red Sandstone Mountains of Kerry
  • The Granitic Mountains of Wicklow
  • The Calcareous Desert of Burren

The coasts

Cliffs, rocky shores, or sandy beaches: The Irish coastline allows you to vary the different pleasures of the experience. But the water, the same in summer as in winter, always remains a bit cold to bathe.

  • The Fjords and Cliffs of the West Coast
  • The Archipelagos of the Atlantic Coast
  • The Beaches of the South Coast
  • The Ports of the East Coast

Fauna and Flora

Where you can enjoy and observe wildlife and flora better is in the national parks. Specifically, you cannot miss a visit to Killarney, in the southwest of the island.

Art and Culture

The Irish culture is essential of Celtic origin, although there were already peoples before the arrival of this group from Central Europe. This culture has its specific language, the Gaelic, as well as varied traditions that have been perpetuated in the local, rooted folklore.

  • The Gaeltacht
  • The Megaliths
  • The Pubs

The monuments

The island is full of monuments, some of the old and others more recent, which are associated with mysteries and legends that show the still alive traditions of Ireland.

  • Staigue Fort
  • Newgrange
  • Blarney Castle
  • Kylemore Abbie
  • Guinness Factory
  • Castle Of Malahide