Dublin and Five True Facts | Most Fun History Facts of Ireland
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Dublin and Five True Facts

19:23 07 December in Travel

Dublin and Five True Facts

Guest Post by Elena Clancy

.As a local resident of Ireland, I take a slightly different route when I travel Ireland and my experience is perhaps different. I came up with 5 Insane, but True facts about Dublin.

  • Dublin is home to many of Ireland’s famous acts in music, from Thin Lizzy and U2 to more recent sensations Script and Kodaline

I am not a fan of Thin Lizzy myself, not a huge one anyway, but one of my friends is and my other friend even had members of the band as friends. I was impressed and I also learned a lot about the band. This iconic band is from North County Dublin. The Script became popular when I was still in college and their songs were appealing to my generation. Many are based on what it was like to live in Dublin and hit fame across the globe. Kodaline is one of the recent additions to the music scene and they are just as raw and Irish as many other bands.

Vikings established Dublin in the 10th Century

The name of the Irish capital comes from Gaelic  Baile Átha Cliath, meaning black pool. Apparently, upon arrival to Dublin, Vikings found the River Liffey to have extremely dark, almost black water which is where the city gets its name. Often you will come across Irish names which translate to something meaningful.

Dublin Mountains are home to a building called “Hell Fire Club”, also known as Haunted House.

I learned of this place while visiting Johnny Fox’s Pub, which is known as the highest pub in Ireland and one of my favorites in Dublin. There are seems to be a gathering around Halloween at the Hell Fire Club but only locals know about t his. Did you know that Halloween  originated in Ireland?

  • You will find the smallest pub in Dublin on Dawson Street, it is called Dawson Lounge which is well worth your visit too, a bit different than Temple Bar which many tourists think of.first.
  • It is also on a way to Stephen’s Green Park, which is a free and nice park in the heart of Dublin 2. For more Free Things to do in Dublin, read my Ebook.

Bram Stoker, author of “Dracula” was born in Clontarf .

Stoker lived on Kildare Street. The house is now on a literary trail. In 2003 I visited the Bram Stoker Castle experience based in a leisure complex in Clontarf. It was a very scary experience. There is also a Bram Stoker festival held  around the end of October. It definitely had an appealing schedule in 2015. A must for the literary enthusiasts and it is something off the beaten track.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something.

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Thanks for Reading.